Celebrate Diversity & Inclusion with Theatre

Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.

The D&I workshops by WeMove Solutions® at a reputed IT Company have now acquired a new flavor breaking all the stereotypes of training. But, how???

Well we use the science of Theatre for it. Here is a chronicle on how it all happened.

This was the agenda with which we started the session. About 20 plus Managers were a part of a journey to understand and implement the importance of diversity and most importantly how to embrace the same and also get its utmost benefits as being a Manager.
The day was started off by the WeMove facilitators to charge up all the participants with high energy theatre interventions such as, ‘Twist with colors’, ‘Rolling Frames’, ‘Builder’ and many more to set a perfect tone for the rest of the day and give the importance of the intervention.

The workshop began with participants receiving a colored piece of paper having a sentence that contributes to be a part of many bigger stories with the same protagonist. In the journey of finding the bigger story, the participants travel through a path of breaking their preconceived notions about receiving colored chits, later on decoding the reason of the paper being colored and finally being a part of a team irrespective of their work background, experience, perspectives, opinions, followings, gender and so on. Later on each team gets an opportunity to choose different leads amongst their team members to take up different responsibilities for the upcoming tasks. Each Lead gets different responsibilities from shaping the team members to an object to building pictures out the team members and so on.

The workshop ended with a high energy performance by all the participants, which gave each participant to understand and implement Diversity and Inclusion within their teams. The performance was a journey were a team worked towards building a still image being led by one of its team member who shaped all of them to a marvelous image by involving every team member to their best. The team members willingly are a part of image and react based on Manager’s instructions. At the end the Managers shared their insights about Diversity and Inclusion, and also their realizations about how an Organization needs diversity and how important it is to practice the same.