Enhancing Problem Solving with Theatre

Gone are the days when a degree was enough to get you a job. No more is a piece of paper highlighting your core competencies and skills the criterion to get employed. In fact, for the last few months a few surveys are being done on the real issues the corporate sector in India is facing when they are hiring talent. A few stats pointed out that about 80% per cent of the respondents feel entry level hires/graduates are not even job ready.

One of the core skills that is not only denying the employment, but also being a career roadblock for these graduate hires is Problem Solving.

Theatre for Problem Solving

Theatre is one field that helps you improve your problem solving skills. In theatre one always believes that “You’ll know that no matter how big the problem may seem, it always has a solution. The rehearsals might have been brilliant, everything could have been planned perfectly but on the stage anything could go wrong”. Also a person in Theatre would end up working across multiple domains. This not only would increase the Problem Solvingability of a person but also would help one seamlessly transform the learning to which ever domain or role one moves into. An exposure to Theatre will help increase a few very important aspects of problem solving.   

Creativity in Problem solving:

Working in theatre you are exposed to new challenges every day, but with the limited resources one does not have the liberty of experimenting with solutions. This would help one develop the skill of finding solutions that would work in diverse situations, which leads to development below aspects of problem solving.

  • Helps increase in creative ability & think outside the box.
  • Identify a problem & evaluate more problems that could occur.
  • Thinking on feet & Let’s you consider unusual ideas.

Collaborative Solutions: 

In the world of theatre, will give the opportunity to put yourself in another person’s shoes and look at the world through their eyes. You’ll open your mind broader to understand your acquaintance’s situation. This would increase the scope for idea sharing & collaboration, which leads to development below aspects of problem solving.

  • Collaborate & share ideas, talent and other resources to achieve the goal.
  • Brings in positivity, playfulness, supportiveness.
  • Creativity helps you focus and channel your thoughts into ideas easily.

Complete Solutions: 

Theatre is an ocean of opportunities and experiments. Working in Theatre you will understand your strengths & limits better & will know when to say yes and say ‘No’, with the intention of what works the best. This helps one develop the below aspects of problem solving.

  • Identify that a problem can have more than one solution.
  • Helps to connect results and goals.
  • Teaches flexibility which in turn helps in finding solutions.