The 5 Important Skills you learn with Theatre

Theatre is one field where you always will indulge in more than one theatre related activities. A person entering the Theatre world to be an actor would end up in also doing script writing, directing, lighting or other production related activities. An exposure to Theatre will help to work across multiple domains by seamlessly transform the learning. But apart from this ability Theatre also teaches a few very important aspects of life, which is required.

You’ll learn how to trim and manage your Budget:

Working in theatre, the resources are always limited & you will have to make adjustments. With the limited money you have, you will need to manage the Actors & other technicians, manage their travel & to top it off your personal expenses too. An experience of being a production manager or a producer will push the artists to think on the right areas of investment & returns, before spending.

You’ll understand ‘Being on time’

School, college, work place, everywhere we go in life, we’ll hear some or the other person tell us ”please be on time”. School might have let you skip assembly and enter class 5 minutes late or your boss might have just stared at you as you walk in 10 minutes late and not say a thing. In theatre, every single minute matters. Whether being on stage or during the rehearsals, you can’t afford to waste your co-artists time, or disturb your director’s plans. Even a minute delay from one of them in the team is bound to disrupt everything. This will build in a sense of responsibility towards others time & you’ll leave the lazy cough and begin to act as a responsible, punctual adult.

You’ll learn to use the golden word – No.

Theatre is an ocean of opportunities and experiments. There are amateur groups and professional groups with different methods of working. An artist might rush to grab every opportunity at first. But, as time will pass by, you will understand your strengths & limits better & will know when to say yes and say ‘No’, with the intention of what works the best.

You’ll find many more reasons to respect your fellow human beings

In the world of Art, not only will you be hearing more stories and interacting with all kinds of people. The characters you play will also give you the opportunity to put yourself in another person’s shoes and look at the world through their eyes. You’ll open your mind broader to understand your acquaintance’s situation. Working with different kinds of people will help you broaden your horizons and indulge a little less in criticism and more in respecting one another.

You’ll know that no matter how big the problem may seem, it always has a solution

The rehearsals might have been brilliant, everything could have been planned perfectly but on the stage anything could go wrong. Your fellow-artist may forget their dialogues, a piece of your costume can go missing but your survival skills will kick-start instantly and you’ll receive the support of your team. In the end, when the performance finishes, all the problems faced and efforts made pays-off and you’ll understand the possibility of finding solution to every problem when acted upon calmly.